Our Story

Leopold’s Day is a collection of beautifully designed pieces inspired by Leopold Bloom’s journey through Dublin on June, 16th 1904.

Leopold’s Day was founded in 2012 by Dublin born and based graphic designer, Rachel Kerr. The collection centers around a map and accompanying directory of Dublin city which features only the people, premises and streets cited in Ulysses. The Leopold’s Day map is the first piece in the collection to launch.

The map, an exquisite marriage of typography and cartography, is a labour of love, which was nurtured by Rachel for over three years. Ulysses provides a unique insight into a colonial Dublin in a bygone era. This is the lens through which the city is mapped. While the primary typesetting references that used in the first edition of Ulysses, there is typographic nods to the cultural and historical times through secondary typographic selection. This is balanced with a crisp and contemporary design resulting in an elegant, timeless print.